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I'm Queenie! Get to know me and my companion human and the animal protection issues we are passionate about! Bookmark the site and visit often to keep up to date on useful things to know.

Our mission:

The Queenie Foundation educates the public and supports the animal protection movement with love, respect, and honor to create planetary compassion for life. 

We are an all volunteer non-profit humane education organization.
I'm Queenie and thank you for visiting my site. I hope you find it informative and that you'll visit often. I'd like to take this opportunity for you to get to know me. I don't remember much of my early life, but I remember that people were mean to me. I ended up at an apartment building near downtown Dallas where a man fed me, but he didn't take care of me; I had mange and wasn't vaccinated or spayed. One day a lady saw me in the street and tried to catch me. I was scared. She told the man who was feeding me to catch me and she would be back to pick me up. They caught me and tied me to the tire of a car. The lady came and took me to her house. I was very uncomfortable; my skin itched. She called a friend who was a volunteer board member with a local rescue organization. The rescue agreed to pay for my vet bill if she would foster me and take me mobile adoptions. I went to a doctor where I got medicine and was vaccinated and spayed. The nice lady, whose name is Enid, gave me lots of attention and I got good food to eat. When I was well, she took me to several mobile adoptions, but no one was interested in me. By that time, I loved Enid very much and she loved me, so she paid my adoption fee to the rescue organization. The next year, she founded The Queenie Foundation, named after me! She said that I represented all the animals in the world who need human love, attention and care. I sure hope that all the homeless animals get to have loving homes like I do. With your tax deductible donation, The Queenie Foundation can continue to inform the public about issues facing animals by having an information table at events and continuing to coordinate the International Homeless Animals' Day (IHAD) event every year.
Enid and Smokey, The Queenie Foundation's spokesdog, interviewed with Ch 8's CT Style program in New Haven. Take a look!

Story link: wtnh.com