About the Foundation

Enid Breakstone and Queenie

Enid Breakstone and Queenie are the founders of The Queenie Foundation, Inc. Together they tirelessly work on animal issues, fighting to bring justice and compassion to the treatment of animals. Queenie brings the perspective of being a rescue and provides the inspiration for the projects the Foundation undertakes. If Queenie is the face of the organization, Enid is the hands, heart, and voice and is a noted spokesperson for local and national animal issues. International Homeless Animals Day (IHAD) is The Queenie Foundation's premiere event. The purpose of the IHAD is to alert the public that millions of dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other animals are killed in our nation's shelters every year and that spay/neuter is the answer. The International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR, www.isaronline.org) in Clarks Summit, PA began this event in 1992. It was estimated that over 17 million dogs and cats were killed in shelters at that time. Although the number has diminished in recent years, approximately seven million companion animals are still destroyed every year. Even one healthy loving animal losing his life in a shelter is too many, which is why The Queenie Foundation will continue to work for zero growth.

Enid speaks out on behalf of those who have no voice.

In addition to promoting spay/neuter, The Queenie Foundation runs a dog rescue in TX, south of Dallas. At any given time, there are a dozen dogs in foster care who need to find their forever home. Your donation of any size will provide the means for our foster animals to be vetted before adoption. This means they are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and treated for any/all additional issues. Many of our foster dogs come in sick or injured; this is an added expense, but we believe that all animals deserve health care. We don’t release our foster dogs to their new families until they get the OK from our vet. And we never euthanize an animal unless he or she is beyond care. Please go to the Donations page and use the PayPal link. The Queenie Foundation is staffed by volunteers only. Your entire tax deductable donation will go toward care and supplies for our foster dogs. Thank you for your generosity.