IHAD – Information for Organizations

The Queenie Foundation announces its 16th annual observance of International Homeless Animals’ Day, Saturday, August 20 at Hubbard Green, Hubbard St., Glastonbury (shown as Green Park on the map below) from 3 - 7:30 pm. [IHAD map] The purpose of our International Homeless Animals’ Day event is to bring the public to the advocacy community to get it involved. Please go to www.isaronline.org for more information on International Society for Animals Rights, the creator of this event. All shelters, rescue/adoption, welfare, and rights organizations are invited to set up their table starting at 1 PM. Registration is $25. Although you may register up until the day of the event, I request that all registrations be in by August 14. Invite your volunteers, family, friends, co-workers and neighbors; companion animals must be leashed and please be sure to keep the venue clean. We encourage you to post this event on your website and list it in your newsletter. New this year: Pooch Parade and Costume Contest! Everyone is welcome to participate. The categories are Best Little Dog (0 - 20 lbs), Best Dog in the Middle (21 - 50 lbs), Best Big Dog (50 lbs and over) and Best Guardian/Companion Look-a-Like (get creative). Celebrity judges are Clark Denis, lead singer for local rockin' band, DiamondBack, JasonRojas, State Representative 9th Assembly District and Bob Kester from Springfield's Rock 102. Registration is $5 per dog per category. Other activities include ear cleaning and nail clipping, paw readings and massage from Zodiapet and reiki for you and your companion offered by Cosmos & Sage, live music, food, raffles and Interfaith Blessing of the Animals. All services are a $5 donation each. Please RSVP to info@queeniefoundation.org if you plan to have a table. This is an event to inform the public about the tragedy of animal overpopulation, specifically dogs and cats and that spay/neuter is the solution, however, it can apply to any species, such as rabbits, horses, farm animals and wildlife. We invite you to wear your organization T-shirt, display your banner, bring your literature and photos of your adoptable animals, sign people up on your mailing list, make appointments with prospective adopters and invite the public to volunteer with your organization. Please bring your screening paperwork to start the adoption process if people are interested in adopting. This is a pre-adoption Meet 'n Greet. If you’re planning to bring some of the animals in your system or personal animals, please make sure that they are sterilized and current on vaccinations. No organization will be allowed to participate with unsterilized animals. Scroll to the bottom for the registration form (mailing address on the form). Please return the reg form with a check made out to The Queenie Foundation for $25. A link for the flyer is also at the bottom of the page. We need everyone’s assistance in making this event a success. Even if you won’t be participating, I request that let your contacts know about this event. One day International Homeless Animals’ Day will be obsolete, but only if everyone communicates with the public and works like a team. I look forward to seeing you in August. Click here to download registration form. Click here to download flyer.