2007 Recap

Wow! It's been a busy year. The Queenie Foundation raised money for Susie's Vet bill, went to New Haven for National Pit Bull Awareness Day in October, hosted by Friends of New Haven Shelter, and was at the Manchester Farmers' Market almost every Saturday through the summer to the end of October. We even had time to coordinate National Homeless Animals' Day (NHAD) in August. Seventeen organizations from around northern Connecticut participated by putting up their tables and handing literature out to the public on issues such as spay/neuter, dog fighting and eating a vegan diet. A list of the organizations and their site links is on the IHAD page. Starting next year, International Society for Animal Rights (ISAR), the international coordinator, is changing the name of the event to International Homeless Animals' Day. This event has been observed since 1992 around the country and the world in an effort to promote spaying and neutering and to alert the public that companion animal homelessness is still an issue. The Queenie Foundation's NHAD was one of only five events to be written up in ISAR's fall newsletter. You can read the whole newsletter from the link on the IHAD page. In October, the South Windsor library on Main St. held a poetry night, but instead of reading poems about just anything, poems about animals and specifically, people's favorite animals were read. The event was called Pawtry. The Queenie Foundation was invited to set up our table with literature and speak about our campaigns. We thank Collin Haskins, from the Spoken Word series, for inviting us. Throughout the summer and fall, we ran a t-shirt and a 50/50 raffle. The tickets have been drawn and winners have been contacted. We thank everyone who participated in our raffle for his or her giving spirit. We were thrilled when Manchester's own, The Hungry Tiger, agreed to host a benefit on November 3rd for us. The Savage Brothers rocked the house while we raffled off some swell prizes. The grand prize was a huge cigar box full of organic Belgian and Dutch vegan chocolates donated by Divine Treasures in Manchester. If you have never tasted Diane's creations, you don't know what you're missing! You can visit Divine Treasures in Parkade Plaza on Middle Turnpike West in Manchester or atwww.divinetreasureschocolates.com.  We thank everyone who participated in the raffle and congratulate the winners. In addition, we thank The Hungry Tiger for opening its doors to The Queenie Foundation. The evening was a big success! One of the most important things to come out of our busy schedule this year is the creation of Susie's Fund, named after a sweet Pomeranian mix who lives in New Britain. She needed an emergency C-section and her guardian didn't know where to turn since she couldn't afford the vet bill. The Queenie Foundation stepped in and has been paying the bill in increments since July. We still have a balance, so donations of any size are graciously accepted. You can donate online at our PayPal link on the Donation page. Please call 860.649.4488 or write to queeniefound@hotmail.com if you prefer to send a check and we will provide you with the address. Susie's Fund will focus on low-income companion animals who cannot pay for their spay or neuter and rabies vaccination themselves. We haven't worked out the details yet, so keep watching our site. Susie's Fund will launch soon. Our last event of the year was Photos with Santa on December 15 and 16 at the Manchester PetsMart. We sold 92 photos (with most of the photos taken on Saturday)! We're sure that if the weather hadn't been so cold, snowy and icy on Sunday, we would have sold more. We appreciate the opportunity that PetsMart gave us to raise some much needed funds and meet the public and its precious companions. We are also deeply indebted to the volunteers who gave up their Saturday and/or Sunday to make this event a great success.